Problems installing or configuring SAMReport Lite

Jan 15, 2015


You successfully configured your Autodesk Network License Manager. However, you encountered problems when you tried to implement SAMReport Lite to run usage reports for your licenses.


SAMreport and SAMreport-Lite are no longer supported or shipped with Autodesk products.

Common SAMReport installation and configuration issues are listed below. Try applying these solutions first, and then review further instructions if the problem persists.

If these solutions do not resolve the installation error, the additional tests listed below will help determine the cause of the problem:

  • SAMReport Lite does not need to be installed directly on the server and in many cases it is in fact not desirable to do so. For example, SAMReport Lite will not run via Remote Desktop or Terminal Services. So if you access your server remotely you should consider installing it on an administrative workstation. Note: Although you can install SAMReport Lite on a workstation, the SAMReport Lite license file generated by Macrovision must contain the host ID of the server that creates the Report Log (RL) files.
  • The full version of SAMReport contains additional functionality that has been discontinued by Macrovision and replaced by the FlexNET Manager application. Autodesk does not sell, test or support this application. For more details contact Macrovision directly.