Problems creating a network or multi-seat standalone deployment image

Nov 13, 2007


When you tried to create a network or multi-seat standalone image, you experienced problems.


For step-by-step instructions on how to create a network or multi-seat standalone deployment, you should refer directly to the Network Administrator's Guide (acad_nag.pdf) located on you product installation disk. Click here for the Network Administrator's Guide for AutoCAD 2008.

Deployment creation problems can occur for a variety of reasons. If you are receiving a specific error message during the deployment creation process, you should refer to the following solution: Errors during AutoCAD® software installation.

You should make sure that you are following the best practices for deployment creation:

  • Copying the installation media to a folder on the local hard drive and disabling virus protection can reduce the time required to create a deployment.
  • When you create a new deployment for the same product/version, you should consider modifying the existing deployment using the Modify link outside the AdminImage folder (AutoCAD 2008 and newer versions) or the Modify option in the Autodesk Deployment Wizard (AutoCAD 2007 and older versions).
  • Do not install or run the Autodesk Deployment Wizard (previously the Network Installation Wizard) directly on the server machine. Instead, you should install or run the Autodesk Deployment Wizard on an administrative workstation machine and create the deployment over the network to a shared folder location.
  • When you are prompted to specify the deployment location, it is strongly recommended that you enter this as a UNC network path in the following form: \\server\share\path. Using local drive letters or mapped drive letters is not recommended because different workstations may interpret these paths differently.
  • Create a separate folder for each deployment image. Creating multiple deployments in a single folder will result in corrupt client installations or other serious problems.
  • During the normal installation wizard, AutoCAD 2008 and newer products contain an option to specify standalone or network licensing. To install AutoCAD on only a few workstation machines, consider using the normal installation wizard instead of creating and maintaining a deployment image. This process can also be used as a workaround if a few machines fail during the client installation process.
  • Do not create or install from deployments over a WAN or VPN link. These links are slow and can be unstable which may result in corrupted deployments or client installations.
  • Create and store Autodesk deployment images on FAT/FAT32/NTFS filesystems only. Filesystems such as DFS, NFS, AIX, LINUX/UNIX and others are not tested or supported by Autodesk, including filesystems found on network attached storage (NAS) devices.

Troubleshooting deployment creation problems

Many problems that are encountered when you run the Autodesk Deployment Wizard are machine specific and can be avoided by installing or running the Autodesk Deployment Wizard on an alternate machine.

If running the Autodesk Deployment Wizard on a different workstation does not resolve the problem, you can try creating a different share on an alternate server/workstation. Specify this alternate share as the deployment location. If this test is successful, it indicates a networking or server problem (permissions, filesystem etc) with the original target share. Contact your network administrator or IT professional for additional assistance.

If you have worked through the standard troubleshooting steps without resolving the issue, follow this link for additional technical assistance.

Please collect the following information from your system before you request technical assistance:

  • Screenshot or full text of any error messages
  • Description of the steps leading to the problem
  • Client installation log files from %TEMP%