Network License Finder dialog box is always displayed at startup

Jan 31, 2014


You want to install the network license manager for AutoCAD® 2002 software, obtain and set up a license file, and configure the license server.



FLEXlm® is the technology used for the network license manager in AutoCAD software.

The network license manager is supported only on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32-bit SP1
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista 64-bit SP1
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP 32-bit SP3
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP 64-bit SP2
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2003 R2 Server Edition
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server Edition
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Edition

Install the network license manager

Note: If the network license manager was already installed, you can skip this procedure.

  1. In the Netsetup folder on the installation CD, double-click the setup.exe file.
  2. On the Network Installation Selection page, click Autodesk License Manager Installation Only and then click Next.
  3. On the Autodesk License Manager Installation page, select Install Both License Manager Files and Tools. This includes the license manager and vendor daemons, as well as FLEXlm management tools.
  4. In the Location of the AutoCAD License Manager Tools box, enter the folder you want to use for the Autodesk® License Manager (AdLM) files and FLEXlm tools.

You can accept the default folder or choose Browse to specify a different location. If you enter a path that does not exist, a new folder will be created using the name and location you provide.

You cannot install the AdLM files on a remote drive. When you install the AdLM files, you must provide a path to a local drive. Specify a drive letter; the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) is not supported.

  1. On the Setup Confirmation page, review your installation choices. Click Next to start the installation or click Back to adjust any of your selections.
  2. On the Setup Complete page, you can choose whether you want to view the Readme file. If you want to view the Readme file, click Finish. Otherwise, clear the check box, and then click Finish.

Obtain a license file

The license file identifies important licensing information, including license type and behavior, and the number of seats available for use.

To obtain a license file:

  1. To run the lmtools.exe utility, on the Start menu (Windows) click Programs > Autodesk License Manager > Tools > lmtools.exe.
  2. In the LMTOOLS dialog box, click Configuration Using Services.
  3. Click the Systems Settings tab.
  4. Locate the Computer/Hostname field and make a note of the Server Host Name.
  5. Locate the Ethernet Address field, and make a note of the Ethernet Address. This is the Host ID. If your server has more than one Ethernet adapter, select the one that corresponds to a physical network adapter. See the related topic, "Using IPCONFIG to determine network adapter status."
  6. Exit the lmtools.exe utility.
  7. Contact the Autodesk Registration and Authorization office and provide the following information:
  • Product serial number(s)
  • Server name
  • Host ID (Ethernet Address)
  • An email address where Autodesk can send the license file.

Refer to the "Read This First" card for information about contacting the Autodesk Registration and Authorization office.

The Autodesk Registration and Authorization office will send you an email that contains the license file in text format.

Set up a license file

  1. Copy the contents of the license file (from the email) to Notepad.
  2. Save the file to the \Autodesk License Manager\license folder. You can name the license file anything you like, however the name must have a .lic extension. The license file is used to configure the server.


When saving the file with Notepad, make sure that you select All Files in the Save as Type box so that a .txt extension is not added automatically.

Configure the license server

  1. To run the lmtools.exe utility, on the Start menu (Windows) click Programs > Autodesk License Manager > Tools > lmtools.exe.
  2. In the LMTOOLS dialog box on the Service/License File tab, select the Configuration Using Services option.
  3. Click the Configure Services tab.
  4. In the Service Name drop-down list, verify that the service you want to use to manage the licenses is selected. FLEXlm Service 1 is the default.

If no service name exists, enter the service name you want to use to manage the licenses.

Note: If you have more than one software vendor using FLEXlm for license management, this drop-down list may have more than one option. (For information about using the FLEXlm license management technology to administer licenses for more than one vendor, see TS67745.)

  1. Browse to the location of the license manager daemon (lmgrd.exe). The default location is the C: \Program Files\Autodesk License Manager folder.
  2. Browse to the location of the license file. The default location is the C:\Program Files\Autodesk License Manager\License folder.
  3. Enter the path and file name for the debug log file. Example: C:\Program Files\Autodesk License Manager\debug.log.
  4. Select Use Services.
  5. To automatically start lmgrd.exe when the system starts, select Start Server at Power Up.
  6. Click Save Service to save the new configuration under the service name created in step 4.
  7. Click the Start/Stop/Reread tab.
  8. Click Start Server to start the license server.

    The message "Server Starting" is displayed at the bottom of the LMTOOLS dialog box. The license server will typically start in 10 to 30 seconds, however, the "Server Starting" message is not updated.
  9. To insure that the license manager has started correctly, allow 30 seconds after starting the server and then on the Server Status tab of LMTOOLS, select Display Everything, and then click Perform Status Enquiry. The Enquiry takes about 10 seconds to return results. Scroll to the bottom of the results and look for a line similar to the following:

Users of 41100ACD_2002_0F: (Total of 5 licenses available)

Your feature code and number of seats may differ, but if this line is not displayed near the bottom of the Status Enquiry, the network license manager has not started correctly. If the network license manager has not started correctly, review the installation steps and consult the related solutions.

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