How to use a browser for Education Community downloads

Jul 15, 2014


You are student or teacher who is a member of the Autodesk Education Community and want to download student software using a browser.


Recommended if you cannot or prefer not to use the Autodesk Download Manager.
This method uses the built-in file download mechanism of any Web browser, so you won't need to install additional download management software.  Compared with other methods, browser downloads are less efficient and less reliable when saving large files.
  Note: If this download method is not displayed as an option, it is not available for the product you selected.  If you have problems using this method, try using the Virtual Agent to help you with your download. You can also try switching to a different browser.
To use the Browser Download method:
  1. After you sign in to the Education Community website, click Free Software on the left side of the screen.
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  1. Select the Product, Version, Language, and Operating System you want to download and click Next.
Note: For Windows systems, "32-bit" or "64-bit" refers to the version of your operating system, which you can check by going to Control Panel > System. You must choose the correct version in order to use the software.
  1. On the drop-down menu, click Browser Download.
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  1. When the download starts, you may be prompted to click Run (Internet Explorer) or, depending on your Web browser, the prompt may appear in your download window/bar (Chrome, Firefox or Safari).
When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file or click Run again.
  1. In the window, the Destination folder indicates the default location of the Product Installer. Although this location is customizable, we recommend that you retain the default location by clicking Install. 
Note: The Product Installer is not the same as the actual product.  You'll need to run the Product Installer in order to install the software on your computer.
Your download is complete!
You may be asked to restart your computer before continuing with product installation.  For more information, learn how to prepare your system before installing Autodesk software.