How to transfer of Stand-Alone Licenses by temporarily exporting them to an online server

Nov 1, 2014


You are getting a new computer or operating system and want to temporarily export your license to an online server and then import it to the new system to make sure you can still activate your Autodesk software on your new system.


Most Autodesk products (including those available for Mac) include a tool called the License Transfer Utility (LTU) that exports your license from your original computer to an Autodesk server. If you then upgrade your operating system or get a new computer and need to reinstall your software, you can import your license and reactivate your Autodesk software.

Notes About License Transfer
How to Export Your License
How to Import Your License

The following video provides a good overview of this process:
Online License Transfer (video)

Notes About License Transfer

Utility Availability: The LTU is only available with our 2010 and later products. If you're using a 2009 or earlier version, use the  Portable License Utility instead.
Product Specific: You must use the LTU installed and located in the same directory where the software you wish to transfer resides. It is specific to that software and cannot be used for other products or versions.
Autodesk Account and Internet Connection Required: An Internet connection is required to use the LTU and you must have an Autodesk user ID and password, available from If your system is down or if you otherwise can't access the Internet or the LTU, you'll need to request licensing assistance.
No Transfer Limit: There is no limit to the number of times you can use the LTU to transfer your Autodesk license; however, please read your Software License Agreement to make sure you are not exceeding the number of allowed installations for your Autodesk product.

How to Export Your License

To export your license from your computer to the online Autodesk server:

  1. Launch the License Transfer Utility stored in the same directory as the software you wish to transfer to a new system.

    image showing the location of the License Transfer Utility on Windows and Mac systems.

    Windows: The LTU shortcut can be found in the Start menu, in the same folder as the Autodesk product you want to transfer.

    Mac: The LTU application can be found in Applications in the same folder as the Autodesk product you want to transfer.

    If you can't find the LTU, your product may not support license transfers or the LTU hasn't yet been installed with your product.  While the LTU is installed by default, it is an optional component which can be de-selected in the product installer. You may need to install the LTU from your original installation media.

  2. Click the Sign in … button.

    Image showing the sign-in screen prior to exporting an Autodesk software license.
  3. Enter your Autodesk ID and password and then click Login.

    Image of the Autodesk Licensing sign-in screen.
  4. Choose whether to export your license publicly or privately and then click Export:

    Private Export: This is the default method and restricts the license import to your Autodesk ID to ensure it is not transferred to another person.  Private exports automatically become public if not imported within 14 days. 

    Public Export: This method means your license can be transferred to someone else running the same product and serial number, such as another user in the same company. To use this method, check “Make the license available as a public import”.

    Image of the screen displaying the license to be exported and export options.
  5. Print your licensing information if you wish and click the Finish button. The License Export Confirmation screen indicates that your license has successfully exported to the Autodesk online server.

    Image of the screen displaying successful export of an Autodesk license.

How to Import Your License

After you successfully export your license to the Autodesk servers, you'll can import it after you reinstall your Autodesk software on a new operating system and/or computer.

To import your Autodesk software license:

  1. Make sure the same Autodesk product is installed on your new computer and/or system then navigate to the License Transfer Utility located in the new directory where you reinstalled your software. See Step 1 under How to Export Your License.
  2. Click the Sign in … button.

    Image of the license import screen
  3. Enter your Autodesk ID and password and click the Login button.

    User-added image
  4. The License Import Confirmation page indicates that your license has successfully imported to your new computer.  Print the page for your records and click the Finish button.

    Image of the screen displaying successful license import


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