Errors when using INSERT command


You attempt to insert a file (DXF™ or DWG format) and a message is displayed prompting you to use the RECOVER command on the file, or this message is displayed: Block Insertion Failed.

This message is displayed when you run the DDINSERT command from the dialog box interface: *invalid. The message is in a small dialog box and is dismissed by clicking OK. The DDINSERT dialog box is then active, allowing you to select another insertion object.

This message is displayed on the command line when you use the -INSERT command resulting in the cancellation of the operation: Fatal Error: Unhandled Access Violation. This error occurs when you attempt to insert a corrupted file. The program may shut down unexpectedly.



These messages indicate the file is damaged or corrupted in some way that prevents it from being inserted into the drawing. Although the use of the INSERT command can sometimes be used to correct a damaged file, attempts to insert such a file can also cause any of these error messages or result in unexpected behavior.

When these errors occur during the INSERT command, use the RECOVER command on the file before you try to insert it again. The RECOVER command can be run from the command line or from the File menu (File > Drawing Utilities > Recover).

Further action may be necessary to recover the file if it is badly corrupted. See related solutions under "See also" for information about recovering a drawing if the RECOVER command does not repair the file.