Errors or performance issues when working with objects in large coordinate space

Jan 15, 2015


When working in AutoCAD or an AutoCAD-based vertical product, with geometry drawn in large coordinates, you either received modeling operation errors, unexpected results, or you noticed general performance/stability problems.


This behavior occurs when the size of the coordinate values involved in the mathematical calculations exceed the capabilities of the computers CPU to calculate. There are many modeling operations in AutoCAD that will not work correctly at large coordinates because of this limitation. When objects start to exceed 100,000 or 0.000001 units in precision, the required mathematical calculations risk pushing beyond the limitations of the CPU. This limit will vary from machine to machine. 

To correct this behavior, you must move the objects closer to the origin.

You might also notice a performance improvement by running a 64-bit processor, however you will still encounter limitations at some coordinate values.


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