Errors during AutoCAD software installation

Dec 10, 2014


When you tried to install your AutoCAD®-based software program, an error message was displayed.


Common installation errors for AutoCAD-based software are listed below. You should try these solutions first, and then review further instructions if the problem persists.

If these known solutions do not resolve the installation error, the additional tests listed below will help determine the cause of the problem.

  • Try running the installation from the installation media in Windows Diagnostic Mode. Diagnostic mode prevents other software applications and processes from interfering with the installation. Refer to the following solution for more information: Clean installation on Windows® XP.
  • If you are not seeing an error message when the installation fails, try clearing the Client Installations Will Be Run In Silent mode option when you create or modify your deployment. Refer to the following solution for more information: Using log to troubleshoot installation errors. Once you receive an error message, you can refer to this list or search for the error message on
  • If the installer is reporting that the program is already installed, the installation will not complete. Refer to the following solution for more information: Removing All Products from a Windows System.
  • Some installation problems can be resolved by re-registering or re-installing the Microsoft Windows Installer service. For more information refer to the following solution: Re-registering or re-installing the Microsoft Windows Installer.

If you have worked through the standard troubleshooting steps without resolving the issue, follow this link to receive additional technical assistance.

Please collect the following information from your system before requesting technical assistance:

  • Screenshot or full text of any error messages
  • Description of the steps leading to the problem
  • Client installation log files from %TEMP%