Error: acad.msi: AdskExecuteSequence during installation

Nov 1, 2014


When you tried to install your AutoCAD®-based software program, the following error message was displayed.

acad.msi: AdskExecuteSequence



This error message indicates that there was a failure during the installation. In most cases, this error message does not provide an accurate diagnosis of the installation problem. If you see this error message after attempting a silent installation from a network deployment, you should refer to the following instructions:
  1. Use the Deployment Wizard (AutoCAD 2007 and older versions) or the Modify link located in the deployment folder (AutoCAD 2008 and newer versions) to modify your deployment.
  2. Clear the Client Installations Will Be Run in Silent Mode option.
  3. Complete the Deployment Wizard.
  4. Run the client installation again and note any error messages that are displayed.

You can also refer to the Installation log file located in the %TEMP% location on the client workstation machine for error details. Information about installer logging can be found here.

If you receive a different error message after disabling silent mode, click here to reference a list of common installation error messages and their solutions.