Comparing the drawing-specific system variables of different DWG files

Oct 31, 2014


You would like to compare the values of the drawing-specific system variables in different DWG files.




To compare the drawing-specific system variables of two DWGs, you can convert the drawings to DXF and compare them using a tool that can compare text files, for example the free open source program Winmerge (

The following steps illustrate the process using WinMerge, for other text comparison tools the process should be similar.

  1. Open each DWG in AutoCAD and save a copy of the drawing as DXF.
  2. Start Winmerge and open the two DXF-files.
  3. You should see three columns: The middle and right columnshould display the content of the DXF-files. In the left column you  should see two bars with yellow lines. Each yellow line indicates a difference between the two DXF-files. You can click on the yellow lines to go to the specific location of each difference.
  4. The system variables are saved near the top of each dxf-file. Click on the left side of the first yellow line. You should see the value of the system variable that has a different value in each drawing


In the screenshot below, the ATTMODE system variable has the value '0' in the left drawing (Zeichnung1.dxf) and the value '1' in the drawing on the right (Zeichnung2.dxf).