Autodesk products unable to start client session with error 1.5.-18 unsupported feature

Jan 2, 2006


When you tried to start a network version of an Autodesk product from a client computer, the product did not start and you received the following error message:

The network license manager was not able to get a valid license. If this problem continues, please contact your system administrator. Error [1.5.-18]

The debug.log file for the license manager may also include the following message:

Error Code: [1.5.-18] unsupported feature



This error occurs when the program that needs to be authorized does not have a feature code that matches the authorized codes in the license manager. For example, if AutoCAD® Mechanical is authorized and the full installation set is installed, a user who attempts to open Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop® will receive the error message.

To resolve this issue

  • Ensure that the proper program has been installed on the client computer.
  • Check the debug.log file for the license manager to determine which products are authorized and which product was denied a license
  • Make sure that the proper profile has been selected. Some Autodesk products are installed with multiple icons that specify more than one profile for an Autodesk product. Ensure that the correct icon has been selected to start the program. Check the settings of the icon properties to ensure that it specifies the correct profile. Follow these steps: 
    1. Right-click the icon. Click Properties.
    2. In the Target box, locate "/P" in the string.
    3. Ensure that the profile name listed after this switch is correct.
  • Add licenses to the license server for the required product.
  • If you are running an Autodesk "Series" bundled product, ensure that you have a license file generated for the correct product. All products within a series use the same series feature code. For example, Autodesk Inventor® 5.3 installed from the Autodesk Inventor Series bundle cannot use a license file with the 41700INVNTOR_5_3F feature code; it must use a license file with the Autodesk Inventor Series feature code, 40900INVBUN_5_0F. See related solutions for a list of product feature codes.