Autodesk Subscription Glossary of Terminology

Apr 24, 2012



You would like to have a better understanding of the Autodesk Subscription terminology.


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Activation Code (Authorization)—an alphanumeric code required to activate your Autodesk software license anytime you install (or reinstall) Autodesk software and software updates. If, for some reason, our installer does not lead you through the registration and activation process, please go to to request an activation code.

Asset—a capital investment—software licenses, for example—that help our customers imagine, design, and create a better world.

Asset Management—the activities you can perform or process by which you, or your company, manage your Autodesk software licenses, entitlements and Subscription contracts. As a Subscription Customer, you can see what software licenses you purchased on Subscription in the Coverage Report, available in Subscription Center. For help with managing your assets, please view our Managing Subscription Contracts tutorial.


Benefit—See Subscription Benefit.



Case—a request for assistance you can make directly from Subscription Center about the software licenses you have on Subscription. Cases are routed to our technical product or customer service experts, who can assist you with the technical features and functions of our products or anything related to your Subscription.

Consolidating Contracts—makes it easier to manage your licenses and renew your subscription. Click the Subscription Help link in the Subscription Center to send an email request to the Autodesk Business Center.   Autodesk only merges contracts with the same end date. If your contracts have different end dates, please contact your Authorized Reseller for pricing information.

Contract Administration—an area within Subscription Center available to Contract Managers (CM) and Software Coordinators (SC), where you can manage the access of Users to Subscription Center and view reports about your Subscription Contract. For information about how to manage your Subscription Contracts, please view our Managing Subscription Contracts tutorial.

Contract Manager (CM)—the main point of contact when it comes to your Autodesk Subscription Contract—for us and for any of your colleagues who use the licenses you purchased on Subscription. As a CM, you will receive the initial Welcome Kit and renewal notices. You can also identify Software Coordinators (SC) and other Users, who need access to Subscription Center, and view reports about your Subscription contract.

Coverage Report—an online report that shows the complete details of the software licenses you, or your company, have purchased on Subscription. Your Coverage Report is accessible by your Contract Manager (CM) or your Software Coordinator (SC) directly from Subscription Center. As a CM or SC, to review your Coverage Report, please view our Managing Subscription Contracts tutorial.



Eligible Support Questions—are those which are covered by Subscription product support including installation, configuration and troubleshooting questions. Please refer to the Subscription Terms and Conditions for details on the types of questions covered under your support agreement.

Entitlement—a legal commitment we make to our customers who purchase software licenses on Subscription. As a Subscription Customer, for example, you may be entitled to use a previous version of Autodesk software or receive technical support.

Expired Contract—an Autodesk Subscription contract that has passed its date of expiration. With an expired contract, you can still use the Autodesk software licenses you purchased, but you will no longer have access to your Subscription Benefits like software upgrades or Subscription Center access. Since Subscription can be purchased only with a new product or an upgrade, please remember to renew your Subscription contract before its date of expiration, or you'll have to wait until the next product release.

Express Service ID—a unique numerical code we assign to each Named Caller, so that when we receive your call for assistance, we can quickly retrieve your records and get you the help you need. As a Named Caller, you can find your Express Service ID in the Technical Support section of Subscription Center.

See also Named Caller.



Group—a way by which you can choose to organize the licenses you purchase on Subscription—by group, office location, department, or deployment (standalone or network). Each group is assigned a Software Coordinator and the licenses assigned to a group share the same Serial Number.



In-Product  Subscription Access—the Autodesk products with a direct connection to your Subscription benefits. From the Help Menu, you can confirm that your software license is on Subscription and access Subscription Center, provided your Contract Manager (CM) has enabled this access.


Named Caller—a User, designated by a Contract Manager (CM) or a Software Coordinator (SC), who is entitled to receive phone support.


Order Confirmation Message—an email message that is sent to the Contract Manager (CM) to confirm that your Subscription order has been placed—for new licenses and additional seats or when you renew your Autodesk Subscription Contract.



Personal Access URL— an encrypted URL with a personalized ID for our Subscription customers who use Subscription Center. We email a unique Personal Access URL to each Contract Manager (CM), Software Coordinator (SC), and User, who is authorized to use Subscription Center.

See also Welcome Letter.

Phone Support—is offered to Subscription customers as one to one support by toll free number to the Autodesk Product Support Team.  The Contract Manager (CM) is entitled to designate Named Callers for receiving phone support. Additional charges may apply depending on Subscription level.

See also Named Caller.

Previous Version—an out-of-date release of Autodesk software. As a Subscription customer, you are welcome to continue to use prior software versions for most Autodesk products. To view and download the software to which you are entitled, please view our Extending Your License Rights tutorial.

Product Enhancements—modular improvements to our software, usually made between major product releases. Enhancements—available only to our Subscription Customers—contain new, easy-to-learn functionality, are fully compatible with the base product, and can be downloaded from Subscription Center. To learn how to download software from Subscription Center, please view our Downloading Software tutorial or our Downloading Subscription Advantage Packs tutorial.

Product Upgrade—a commercial release of our product that enhances or improves the software and for which we normally charges a fee. As a Subscription customer, you are eligible to receive any upgrades for the products you have purchased on Subscription that become available during the term of your contract.



Registration—the process by which we associate the software license you purchase with your contact information. Any Autodesk software licenses that you purchase on Subscription is pre-registered to your Company name and the name of your Contract Manager (CM), so you can see the licenses you've purchased on Subscription as soon as you sign in to Subscription Center.

See also Activation Code (Authorization).

Renewal—the act of extending your Autodesk Subscription Contract, usually for a fee. Subscription Customers should renew before the expiration date of your contract to remain in the program. For information about how to renew your Subscription Contracts, please view our Renewing Your Subscription tutorial.

See also Expired Contract.

Renewal Notices—the email notification that we send to a Contract Manager (CM) prior to the expiration date of your Subscription Contract. Your Renewal Notice may include a listing of the Autodesk Authorized Resellers from which you can renew your Subscription contract(s), instructions for renewing your Subscription contract online, and/or the order numbers associated with each contract.

Renewal Report—an online report with information about your Subscription Contracts that are eligible for renewal, available 90-days prior to your contracts' expiration dates. As a Contract Manager (CM), you may view your Renewal Report directly from Subscription Center. For information about how to view your Renewal Report, please view our Renewing Your Subscription tutorial.

(Authorized Autodesk) Reseller—our commercial partner through whom you may buy Autodesk software licenses on Subscription—including Renewals. Your Autodesk Authorized Reseller can help you with everything from telephone support to disaster recovery, industry-specific training, networking and integration, flexible purchase options, and technical expertise. Resellers through which you have already made Subscription purchases appear on your Coverage Report. To locate an Autodesk Authorized Reseller, visit us at

Reseller View Permissions—allows your reseller to be kept informed about your company's support questions by permitting them read-only access to your support requests.  This can be set by the Contract Manager (CM) or Software Coordinator (SC) in the Contract Administration section of Subscription Center.



Self Help—a section in Subscription Center that links our Subscription customers direct access to our online support resources—discussion groups, service packs, documentation, and a knowledge base of technical and business-related solutions.

Service Access Settings—allows you, as one of the contract administrators, to set the desired default services access for each contract.  With the default service access settings in place, any users who subsequently create an account will only be able to access the benefits(s) chosen by you. For information about how to set Service Access settings, please view our Managing Subscription Users tutorial.

Software Coordinator (SC)—a person assigned by your Contract Manager (CM) who assists in the management of your Subscription Contract(s) and to whom we will email notifications to order or download new releases, extensions, or upgrades of Autodesk software. As an SC, you can identify and assign download privileges to Users and access your Renewal Report and Coverage Report.

Software Downloads—With Subscription, you are eligible to download your software and any upgrades that become available for your products under Subscription during the term of your contract. Autodesk notifies Software Coordinators (SC) when software/upgrades are available for download. For more information, please view our Downloading Software from Subscription Center tutorial.

Subscription Benefit—the value you realize from your purchase of Autodesk software licenses on Subscription. With your Autodesk Subscription, your software maintenance is simplified and your design workflows are improved through access to the latest releases and expedited technical support.

Subscription Center—a portal where you can access all of your Subscription benefits online. Subscription Center is a password-protected website that provides you with direct access to your Subscription benefits—software upgrades, product enhancements, web services, technical support, and more—when you purchase licenses on Subscription.  Visit the Subscription Center Sign in page.

Subscription Center Account Creation— the process by which you establish accounts in Subscription Center.  You can create an account or verify eligibility for an account from the Subscription Center sign in page.  Administrators may also create accounts on behalf of users in Subscription Center. Users whose accounts are created by administrators will receive a personalized Welcome Kit e-mail, which includes a description of the benefits they will have access to, an access link to Subscription Center, their personal User ID and a temporary password.

Subscription Contract—the legal agreement between you and Autodesk, when it comes to the software licenses you have purchased on Subscription. You can manage everything under a single contract or several—depending on your purchases and your preferences.

Subscription Management —See Contract Administration.

Subscription Overview Quick Guide —a tutorial to help you understand and manage all of your Subscription benefits. This guide for managing your benefits can be viewed on our Subscription Overview Quick Guide.



Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs)—the legal terms and conditions of using the Autodesk software licenses that you purchased on Subscription. The Ts and Cs are accepted by your Contract Manager (CM) before your account can be activated in Subscription Center. For more details, please view our Subscription Terms and Conditions.

Training—is available to help you expand your skills and find helpful answers to technical questions.  A variety of resources are available, whether you're working with Autodesk software for the first time or you are an experienced user.  Subscription customers may receive free or discounted training access.



User—any person designated by a Contract Manager (CM) or Software Coordinator (SC) to access Subscription Center to send us Cases. This person may be granted download privileges for product enhancements and upgrades.


Web Support—a request for assistance you can make directly from Subscription Center about the software licenses you have on Subscription. Cases are routed to our technical product or customer service experts, who can assist you with the technical features and functions of our products or anything related to your Subscription.

See also Case.

Welcome Kit—the personalized, invitation email that is sent to our Subscription Customers—as a Contract Manager (CM), Software Coordinator (SC), or User—to invite you to use Subscription Center.



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