2011: AutoCAD hangs when using ADDSELECTED command on a leader object

Oct 31, 2014


You run the ADDSELECTED command and select an existing leader object to create a new leader.  After picking the first two points, you press "Enter" and AutoCAD begins continuously prompting for the next line of text, forcing you to use Task Manager to kill the AutoCAD process.




Download AcSelCmdMap.xml and replace the existing file in your product installation folder.

Note: To download the file you may need to right-click on the file name and choose "Save Target As...".

AcSelCmdMap.xml (xml - 12Kb)

The exact location of this file will vary depending on your installed Autodesk product and your operating system.  The best way to find the correct location of AcSelCmdMap.xml is to use the (findfile) AutoLISP function from within the product:

This will return you the exact location of the file you need to replace.

Note: The (findfile) technique will not work in AutoCAD LT as that product does not support AutoLISP functions. In that case, we recommend you locate the file using native search methods supported by the OS.

We also recommend replacing the old version of this file in your "UserDataCache\Support" folder (under the product installation folder) to help ensure the updated AcSelCmdMap.xml gets used in future user profiles.




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