Autodesk 2012 Content Explorer Service Hot Fix 2

Dec 13, 2011  |  Download

This hotfix applies to the Autodesk 2012 Content Explorer Service (Public and Personal) and addresses the following issues:

  • In some cases renaming a folder in Windows Explorer, which is currently being watched by the Autodesk Content Service, can cause the service to stop running.
  • The Autodesk Content Service could not be started because the size of the database file was larger than the configured maximum size. If you have encountered this issue please follow the steps found in the companion document "Configuring Maximum Database Size in Autodesk Content Service.pdf" after you have installed Hot Fix 2. If you have not encountered this issue these additional steps are not needed.
  • Files fail to index when an English Autodesk Content Service is installed on a Turkish operating system.

Please review the readme document for installation instructions.

ContentServiceHF2.exe (exe - 3450Kb)
Configuring_Maximum_Database_Size_in_Autodesk_Content_Service.pdf (pdf - 87Kb)
autodesk_content_service_hot_fix2_readme.htm (htm - 143Kb)