AutoCAD® Civil 2009 Object Enabler

Apr 16, 2009  |  Download

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The AutoCAD® Civil 2009 Object Enabler is a 32-bit freeware application that allows object data created in AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2009, AutoCAD® Civil 2009, AutoCAD® Land Desktop Companion 2009, or AutoCAD® Land Desktop 2009 to be accessed outside of those environments. This Object Enabler can only be applied to 32-bit applications in a 32-bit Operating System environment.

As part of our Product Update 2.1, we have also decided to make updates to the Object Enabler. The most significant change is that this Object Enabler will now detect and install onto NavisWorks 2009 applications and Impression 2009.

If you are encountering crashes opening drawings from previous version Civil products you may need the Mentor Grid files. These files will allow the Object Enabler to open previous version drawing files that have a coordinate system assigned to them. Please download the installation from here.

AutoCAD® Civil 2009 Object Enabler

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