AutoCAD 2012 Service Pack 2

Jun 11, 2012  |  Download

You can apply this update to AutoCAD 2012 running on all supported operating systems and languages. Consult the readme file for installation instructions and be sure to install the correct update (32-bit or 64-bit) for your software and operating system.

NOTE: You can also use Autodesk Exchange to install the Live Update Maintenance Patches, which will automatically show the correct Service Pack for your product.

AutoCAD 2012 SP2 (32-bit) (exe - 25853Kb)
AutoCAD 2012 SP2 (64-bit) (exe - 37996Kb)

Readme (select language version):

Brazilian portuguese (htm - 69Kb)
Czech (htm - 76Kb)
English (htm - 62Kb)
French (htm - 71Kb)
German (htm - 69Kb)
Hungarian (htm - 79Kb)
Italian (htm - 68Kb)
Japanese (htm - 72Kb)
Korean (htm - 66Kb)
Polish (htm - 69Kb)
Russian (htm - 86Kb)
Simplified Chinese (htm - 61Kb)
Spanish (htm - 68Kb)
Traditional Chinese (htm - 61Kb)