AutoCAD 2011 Update 2

May 31, 2011  |  Download

You can apply this update to AutoCAD 2011 running on all supported operating systems and languages. Consult the readme file for installation instructions and more details on the primary issues resolved by this update. Be sure to install the correct update (32-bit or 64-bit) for your software and operating system.

Important: Before installing Update 2, you must install Update 1.1 for AutoCAD 2011. Update 2 is does not include the fixes from Update 1.1 so both updates must be installed separately. If you have already installed Update 1.1 for AutoCAD 2011, you can proceed with installing Update 2.

AutoCAD 2011 Update 2 for 32-bit Windows OS (exe - 16335Kb)
AutoCAD 2011 Update 2 for 64-bit Windows OS (exe - 19605Kb)

For information on creating or modifying AutoCAD 2011 deployments with updates, please refer to the following solution:

How to add multiple updates to a deployment of AutoCAD 2011


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