How to combine fields in AutoCAD Plant 3D

Nov 1, 2014


You want to create a user-defined property which combines / concatenates multiple fields respectively properties from your project.



For this you use the command PLANTDEFINECALCPROPERTIES. It is designed to create a singular field based on concatenating the data of multiple fields and defined values into one value. This will place a SQL statement within the project database.

Please note: A value must be entered in all fields to see the result. If one of your concatenated field is without a value, nothing will be returned for your new property.

These are the steps:

  • Open your project.
  • Enter PLANTDEFINECALCPROPERTIES into the command line. You will get this dialog:


  • Select the proper database for Plant 3D (= Piping, this example) or P&ID (= PnID) (1).
  • In the 'Class Definitions' tab select Pipe. The new property will be assigned to the Pipe class and the data will be stored there (2).
  • Enter a new property name, for example 'Autodesk' (3).
  • Select STRING from the drop down list. The new data will be stored as string values.
  • Double click on the field 'Short description'. This will copy the data to this 'Autodesk'-field.
  • Click the concatenating symbol (||). Enter the text '(' - ')'. Click the concatenating symbol again.
  • Double click on the field 'Spec'. The text should now look like the mark (5).
  • Click 'Apply' (6).

Formal notes:

  • After every field or text entry the concatenating symbol must be set to separate. Note: This symbol can only be used in string fields.
  • Text must be encapsulated by parethesis and a singular quote, i.e. ('text').

Test the solution:

  • Create a new drawing and insert a pipe.
  • Select the pipe and open the property window.
  • You will find here the new property 'Autodesk'.


AutoCAD P ID;AutoCAD Plant 3D