Changes to network licensing for 2008 MSD product family

Apr 29, 2007


You want to know if there have been any changes made to network licensing for the 2008 Manufacturing Solution Division (MSD) product family.



Cascading licensing for the Inventor® Suite will continue to work as before. The PLIST increments will continue to control the order in which product licenses are used, and the order, which has not changed, is as follows:

  • Inventor Suite
  • Inventor Routed Systems Suite
  • Inventor Simulation Suite
  • Inventor Professional Suite

AutoCAD® Mechanical will also continue to use the same order. A Mechanical installation will first use a Mechanical license and then proceed through the Inventor family as listed above.

The only change made to network licensing in the 2008 MSD product family is for Mechanical Desktop (MDT). In previous releases, MDT could only use a license equal to or higher than the product family that was used to install it. For example, if you installed MDT from Inventor Simulation, only Simulation and Professional licenses could be used to run MDT. Now, you can install MDT using any of the Inventor products, and MDT will attempt to obtain a Mechanical license first.


AutoCAD Mechanical;Autodesk Inventor Suite