FDO connection still shows Oracle feature classes in Map 3D that were removed


AutoCAD Map 3D users request that database administrators delete selected Oracle feature classes. After confirmation that the feature classes were deleted, opening an FDO connection in AutoCAD Map 3D to Oracle still shows those feature classes. You want to know why these feature classes still appear and if something internal to Map 3D needs to be updated or deleted.


The Oracle feature classes may exist as files and be listed simultaneously in a database table. If one or the other is deleted, the feature classes may still show as available in AutoCAD Map 3D. These features display in Map 3D as part of the live FDO connection and are not cached or resident anywhere in Map 3D.


Check the Oracle database again for instances of the feature classes. Likely the features were deleted but not the Table that they resided in, or the feature classes were not deleted even though the table was removed.


AutoCAD Civil 3D;AutoCAD Map 3D