How to create or import styles via Style Manager in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP

Nov 1, 2014


A file does not contain the styles you need, and you want to know how to create your own styles or import existing styles from another file.


1. To customize styles based on the Standard styles:
  • Open the Style Manager (STYLEMANAGER).
  • Expand a Style Category (eg. Wall Styles).
  • Select the Standard style in the category.
  • Use the Copy and Paste buttons in the tool bar to duplicate the Standard style.
  • It will show up as "Standard (2)" below the original style.
  • Rename the style.
  • Customize the properties of the style using the tabs to the right: General, Design Rules, Overrides, Materials, Classifications, Display Properties, and Version History.
2. To import existing styles from another drawing file:
  • Open the Style Manager (STYLEMANAGER).
  • Use the Open button in the tool bar to navigate to and open the file with the existing styles in it.
  • The drawing and its styles will appear in the file tree below the current drawing.
  • Expand a Style Category (eg. Wall Styles).
  • Drag and drop individual styles into the corresponding category in the current drawing, or drag and drop an entire category to copy all styles.
The default location for the Imperial Architecture content is here:
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ACA 201x\enu\Styles\Imperial

The default location for the Imperial MEP content is here:
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\MEP 201x\enu\Styles\Imperial

For metric or other local content, select the proper folder under the Styles folder.

Note that this folder is hidden and you will need to enable Windows Explorer to view hidden files to see these files.

3. If no style exists in a category:
  • Right-click on the category (eg. Wall Styles).
  • Select "New" to generate a new style.
  • Customize the properties of the style using the tabs to the right.


AutoCAD Architecture;AutoCAD MEP