How to change the Studio default work folder to a different location

Nov 1, 2014


How to change the work environment in Studio from the default
C:\aw\user_name\Alias to x:\your_data_folder\



1. Exit Studio
2. Create a folder on C:\ drive called studio_data the location of this folder will be C:\studio_data\
3. Go to My Computer and right click on it
4. Select Properties (the last selection on the menu)
5. System Properties window will come up
6. Click on the Advanced tab (located towards the top, first one from the right)
7. Environment Variables (windows 2000) is the second selection from the top down
8. User Variables for "your user name"
9. click on the New button New User Variable window will come up
10. enter the following Variable Name: ALIAS_WORKENV
11. for Variable Value in this example enter: C:\studio_data\
12. OK out of New User Variable
13. OK Environment Variable
14. OK System Properties

Your environment variable is now set.
When you launch Studio you will get two WARNING windows:

1st Warning window:
You do not have a User Prefs Directory
... click Yes

2nd Warning window:
You do not have a user_data directory in:
.... click Yes

Studio will launch with the new work environment set.

Your user_data, UserPrefs and errlog.txt will be saved in this folder from now on.

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