Licensing Switching from Standalone to Network license mode

Nov 1, 2014


You have mistakenly installed 3ds Max 2011 or 3ds Max Design 2011 as a Standalone Licensed product and would like to switch to Network Licensing mode after install. You may have multiple machines installed as standalone licensed version and would like to avoid having to go through a full uninstall/reinstall to resolve the issue.


Since release 2011 of 3ds Max 2011 and 3ds Max Design, a startup option switch has been added to allow users to switch licensing mode after installation from Standalone Licensing to Network Licensing. To switch licensing mode from Standalone to Network after install, please follow the steps below:-

1. Ensure that Network License Manager is setup and configured with valid network license file for 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design. Further information on Network Licensing setup can be found in the 3ds Max 2011 or 3ds Max Design 2011 documentation.

2. Close 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design on client machine.

3. Right-Click on the 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design product icon on the Windows desktop and choose Properties.

4. In the Properties Windows for the Application Shortcut, select the Target field and add –yc at end of the 3dsmax.exe’’ shortcut target. The screenshot below shows the –yc license switch added:-

In the example screenshot, the full target for the application shortcut with –yc license switch added for 3ds Max Design 2011 now reads-

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max Design 2011\3dsmax.exe" -yc

5. Hit OK to save the changes made and restart 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design by double-clicking on the application shortcut.

6. On restart of 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design, the splash screen will be displayed and then you will be presented with a dialog window for the FLEXnet license finder. The dialog window will allow you to specify either the location of the Network License Manager on network or location of the Network License file.:-

User-added image

7. After specifying the Network license Manager or Network license file, the software will startup and continue to run in Network license mode.

Please note: This option only allows users to switch from Standalone to Network Licensing after install. It will not allow user to switch from Network to Standalone licensing after installation. As the 3ds Max 2011 and 3ds Max Design 2011 installer requires user to explicitly select Network license installation mode, you would not commonly mistakenly install the software as Network licensed.

If you have mistakenly installed 3ds Max 2011 or 3ds Max Design 2011 as Network Licensed product and wish to run as Standalone Licensed product, you will need to perform a full uninstall/reinstall with the correct Standalone license mode selected during re-installation.


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