How to build a deployment

Nov 1, 2014


You want to know how to install a product using a deployment.
How to configure for silent mode


To access the installation guide:
  1. Run the setup.exe program.
  2. When the installer opens, click the "Installation Help" option to access the instructions in the installation Help.
To build a deployment:
  1. Run the setup.exe program.
  2. When the installer opens, click Create Deployment.
  3. Enter a deployment name and select a path where you want to deposit the deployment files.
  4. Select the desired Installation settings. You can check to install "silently" and the input screens will not appear when the installation is run. Some progress bars may still appear.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Accept the EULA.
  7. Select the appropriate licensing type. For Network Installations, enter the server name where the license manager is located.
  8. Enter a serial number and Product key.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select the products you want to install. For products that have individual installation options, click the drop-down arrow beneath the associated checkbox and adjust accordingly. Close the configuration options when finished.
  11. Click Create to create the deployment image.


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