Combining licenses

Oct 31, 2014


You have licenses for several Autodesk products, and you want to combine the licenses into a single license file. For example, you have Maya 2010 and Softimage 2010 licenses, or you have Max 2009 and Softimage 7.5.


You can combine licenses for different products if the products use the same vendor daemon. For example, you can combine any 3ds Max license with a Maya 2010 license, because both products use the adskflex vendor daemon. You cannot combine Maya 2009 and Maya 2010 licenses, because they use different vendor daemons.

This table lists the vendor daemons used by different products. When two products use different vendor daemons, you must create a separate license server service for each vendor daemon.

Product Vendor Daemon
3ds Max (all versions) adskflex
3ds Max Design (all versions) adskflex
Maya 2010 adskflex
Softimage (7.5 and later) adskflex
Mudbox 2010 adskflex
MotionBuilder 2010 adskflex
Smoke for Mac OS X 2011 SP4 and later adskflex
Maya 2009 and earlier sgiawd
Mudbox 2009 and earlier sgiawd
MotionBuilder 2009 and earlier sgiawd



  • You cannot combine two licenses for the same product. For example, if you have two separate licenses for Maya 2010, you cannot combine those license files. To add additional licenses of the same product, you must get a new license file for the total number of licenses.
  • The licenses must be bound to the same MAC (Ethernet) address.

To combine license files:

  1. Use a text editor to create a new, empty license file. This file will hold the combined licenses.
  2. Copy the SERVER, USE_SERVER, and VENDOR lines from one of the existing licenses.
  3. For each existing license file, copy everything except the SERVER, USE_SERVER, and VENDOR lines to the combined license file.

Here is an example of a combined license file:

SERVER servername 0000DEADBEEF
VENDOR adskflex port=2080
# Softimage 2010 license
PACKAGE 78700SFTIM_F adskflex 1.000 COMPONENTS=84000SFTIM_2010_0F \
    3836 0021 1068 F1F0 1FAC 48C1 829F E867 62AA 687B 9774 0A29 \
    AF4E 035A C474 C6FC 479D 0075 90E1 DAC0 2019 AECA 74FF F14B \
    2020 4E90 4944 E254" SIGN2="053E FAA5 8E18 4768 F3C7 3C65 D2B7 \
    F73D EDF6 BB7E 8E01 A55E 300D 4503 2CCB 164E 14F2 77FF 5087 \
    FDF8 E444 04F1 B77F AC73 D8F4 11CD 581C 5E88 0FAE CD82"
INCREMENT 78700SFTIM_F adskflex 1.000 11-jun-2010 1 \
    SN=123-12345678 SIGN="036B 6C02 43C7 AB9C C1C4 8BA4 3A92 DFBA \
    D4A4 A6D2 C31D 4A90 3F8B 008E 22D3 1841 E188 CEB5 9254 7B8C \
    6344 E6C1 BCCA 16EF 294C 59F7 D2BB D567 5399 2141" SIGN2="1FBD \
    A66F A79C C5D1 3F7A 9453 BA66 5EBA 5BA5 3CF9 3E88 64FD 27D0 \
    EC41 750C 0A27 CA95 9846 9835 A300 62B3 C180 2D75 9669 C3D3 \
    9E68 3477 513E 5158 8F19"
# 3ds Max 2010 license
PACKAGE 662003DSMAX_F adskflex 2.000 COMPONENTS="699003DSMAX_2010_0F \
    612003DSMAX_2009_0F 568003DSMAX_2008_0F 533003DSMAX_9_0F" \
    4488 013C 9D75 94C6 F60C 83BA 57CC D029 20A7 046F DF51 34E7 \
    AD15 1252 AC81 0B93 ED18 8863 4BB6 77FD CDF8 2808 7DE0 6417 \
    DCD1 395E 759B 4275" SIGN2="0F8A 86C2 2B37 5D29 B0F7 BF9E 6F72 \
    18B9 939C 1153 681F 407F 6CD6 25EE F7BA 0074 577C 3B69 F204 \
    85FA 1BF9 6D2C 3093 89DF 585F 8F85 3AB2 CDDC 577B CB0C"
INCREMENT 662003DSMAX_F adskflex 2.000 22-jul-2010 2 \
    SN=123-12345678 SIGN="1574 D7A7 FAA3 1969 C527 F879 5FB9 804C \
    0851 2660 7447 5BFC 6034 8FC6 82C7 031A BE13 DB57 36D4 0206 \
    C745 49CE 7839 4B01 BD25 F41B F7A0 6517 08E4 FCDD" SIGN2="03B7 \
    27E2 9C33 5C8C 1917 E136 D668 BA68 744A B214 05A0 AFC4 C491 \
    7AF8 3F75 19DC F69B 068B 6B05 03C0 6EAE 4BC5 706A 5161 C0D3 \
    E573 B6DB BEA0 D370 52ED"



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