Which software download method should I use in Subscription Center

Apr 24, 2014


Download Now
Install Now
Browser Download

When downloading software from Subscription Center, you can choose one of three download methods. To help you decide which option is best, the benefits and descriptions of each are listed below.

Download Now

Download Now installs and launches the Autodesk Download Manager (DLM), which gives you more control and is significantly more efficient and reliable than conventional browser-based download methods.

The DLM reduces the time it takes to get applications up and running by decompressing product files in parallel during the download. Doing this eliminates the separate file extraction step that is usually required after the download completes and before running the product installer.

Why should I use Download Now?
Download now is recommended if you want the best download experience but want to install at a later timer transfer to a jump drive or DVD for later installation on a different computer.

To learn more about the Autodesk Download Manager: See Download Manager Help
To get Download Now instructions: See How to download software from Subscription Center using the Download Now method.


Install Now

This is the best option to get products up and running on your computer, in far less time than traditional browser download and install procedures. This method also uses the Autodesk Download Manager (DLM) to download and install the product simultaneousy. Offers product selection prior to download so only the selected software is installed during the process.

Why should I use Install Now?
The Install Now method is recommended you want the most efficient, reliable, and integrated download and installation experience on your computer. When deciding if you want to use Install Now, consider these limitations:

  • Not for deployments: Install Now cannot be used to create deployment images for installing on other computers.
  • One-time installation:Install Now uses Autodesk Download Manager (in background) and the Autodesk Installer to install one instance of an Autodesk product on the computer where it is downloaded. You cannot launch the downloaded files directly, and you cannot use them to install products on other computers.

To get Install Now instructions: See How to download software from Subscription Center using the Install Now method.

Browser Download

This method uses the built-in file download mechanism of your web browser without the need to install the Download Manager. Compared to the other download methods, in-browser downloads are less efficient and less reliable, especially when saving large files.

Why should I use Browser Download?
Browser Download is recommended if you cannot install the Autodesk Download Manager or prefer not to use it. When deciding if you want to use Install Now, consider these limitations:

  • Manual installation: After the software is downloaded, you must extract the install file and manually initiate the software installation.
  • Larger file size for downloads: Web browsers cannot take advantage of superior compression (smaller file sizes) available with other download methods. This means your download times may be longer with this method.
  • Pause and resume not available: Your web browser may not have the ability to pause and resume the download of files in the event of an interruption in your Internet connection. This feature is available with Download Now and Install Now using the Autodesk Download Manager.

To get Browser Download instructions: See How to download software from Autodesk Account using the Browser Download method.


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