Two licenses are being used for products from the same suite

Nov 1, 2014


You want to know why when you start two or more individual products that are installed from a suite of products on the same computer, multiple licenses are used instead of a single suite license.



This occurs because there are licenses available on the license server for individual products contained in the suite of products. 

When you start a product contained in a suite, the product first attempts to obtain an available license on the computer on which the product is running. If there are no licenses available on the computer, the product will then attempt to obtain a license from the license server. 

When requesting a license from the license server, a product installed from a suite first attempts to obtain a license for the individual product. If an individual license is not available on the license server, the product will then cascade up and attempt to obtain a suite license.

If two or more licenses are in use on a single computer that has products installed from a suite, each product may be using an individual product license. 

If you start one product on the computer and it obtains a suite license and there are other products from the same suite (using the same Feature Code) already running on the computer that are currently using individual licenses, the individual licenses will be returned to the license server and the suite license will be used for these products as well. This process should occur within 30 minutes after the suite license has been obtained.

If desired, you can use an options file to prevent a computer from obtaining individual product licenses. For more information regarding option files, refer to solution TS1055247.


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