Installation error: LiteHtml.dll is missing

Dec 1, 2014


During installation, you receive an error message that indicates the LiteHtml.dll file is missing:
The program cannot start, the LiteHtml.dll does not exist. Reinstall the program to solve the issue.


The procedure entry point ?_Getcat@?$codecvt@DHH@std@@SAIPAPBVfacet@locale@2@PBV42@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library E:\Setup\LiteHtml.dll


This may be due to an out-of-sync Windows component.


Workaround #1:
  1. Uninstall all the Microsoft C++ components on the system (there will be multiple), then try to install the program.
  2. If you are running an "Install Now " option from the website, change to a "Browser Download" or "Download Now" and run those files.
  3. If this still does not run, manually install the C++ entries from an extracted installer. There will be installers in different folders in the following paths:
  1. Open each folder and run the Exe files to install the VC redistributables.   After this, install the program via the Setup.exe.
Workaround #2:
Use this procedure if system administrators implemented the policy described in the following Microsoft article and set CWDIllegalInDllSearch to FFFFFFFF: A new CWDIllegalInDllSearch registry entry is available to control the DLL search path algorithm
  1. Right-click  Setup.exe.
  2. Go to Properties > Compatibility tab > Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
See:  Make older programs run in this version of Windows
Note: This solution works in Windows 8.1.  This may also work if you use Windows 7 compatibility mode instead of Windows XP SP 3 compatibility mode.