Serial Number and Product Key FAQ for educational institutions (Academic Resource Center)

Aug 7, 2014



Where can I find my Product Key and Serial Number?

There are several places where you can find your Product Key and Serial Number for products downloaded through the Academic Resource Center.

  • By email:

You receive an email containing your Product Key and Serial Number after you have signed up for an Academic Resource Center account and click Get My License on the Manage Software Licenses page.

Note: This email is sent to the email address used to register for the Academic Resource Center. If you haven't received it within a few hours, check your Spam folder. If necessary, add to your email program's safe senders list.

  • On your Academic Resource Center product page:
After you have an account with the Academic Resource Center website, you can find your Serial Number by following these steps:
  1. Go to the Manage Software Licenses page.
  2. The Product Key and Serial Number are displayed above the list of products.
  3. If the information is not displayed, click Get My License.
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Where can I view and print all my license information?

  1. When you log in to the Academic Resource Center, go to the Manage Software Licenses page (on the Software tab) and click Print License Certificate. 

 A Certificate of License that lists available licenses is displayed.

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  1. Click File > Print to send the page to the printer.


Why do I have the same Serial Number for multiple products?

All Serial Numbers issued from the Academic Resource Center begin with 539-.  Each Serial Number represents a block of up to 125 individual seats. Although the Serial Number may differ for products that are not part of a suite, the same Serial Number is used to activate all products within a Suite.


Can I also use one Product Key for different products?

Product Keys are specific to a product and version. Although you use the same Serial Number for products within a Suite, such as the Education Master Suite, you will need a different Serial Number for any product that is not part of a Suite.

You will get an activation error if you enter the wrong key.
For a list of all Product Keys, see:


Can I install the product on more than one computer?

Yes. Each educational software license offered by Autodesk Academic Resource Center covers up 125 users.


Why do I see more than one Serial Number for a Suite?

Each Serial Number represents up to 125 users of the product. If you see more than one Serial Number, your institution has more than 125 seats available.

To merge multiple serial numbers into one, complete this online form: Get Help Activating Your License