Running SAMreport™ Lite on computer other than the license server

Nov 1, 2014


You want to know how to run SAMreport™ Lite on a network computer other than the license server. You tried to generate a report, using a remote desktop session to connect to the license server, but an unlicensed error occurred.


It is not possible to run SAMreport™ Lite remotely using an application such as Remote Desktop Share or Terminal Server. This is as designed.  

However, you can run SAMreport Lite from another computer, follow these steps:
  1. On the license server, share the folder where the report log is generated.
  2. On the computer on which you want to run SAMreport Lite, map a network drive to the shared folder on the license server (in Windows Explorer, click Tools menu > Map Network Drive).
  3. Start SAMreport Lite, enter a date range, if required, and name the output file.
  4. Open the FLEXlm® Report Log and then browse to the Report Log file on the mapped network drive created in step 2.
You will now be able to generate the report on the client computer


Network Licensing