Error 1309: "Error reading from file" (during installation)

Nov 1, 2014


When you install, the following error message is displayed:

Error 1309. Error reading from file.


You may have incorrect user permissions set on the installation target folder.


One possible solution is to make sure you have full permission to the destination folder where your program is being installed.

  1. Locate the folder on your installation drive.
  2. Right-click the folder and click Properties.
  3. On the Security tab make sure your user name is added to the list, or the Users group is present and that Full Control is selected.
  4. Click OK and install.
Another possible solution for Error 1309 would be to make sure that the path to the source and destination file is not breaking Windows Installer limit 256 character.
For example if you are running the product installer from your Desktop, please move it in a folder on C:\ (e.g. C:\adsk).


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