Serial number FAQ for students and teachers (Education Community)

Sep 3, 2014


You are a student or teacher who has downloaded software form the Autodesk Education Community and you have questions about your Serial Number and Product Key.  


Where can I find my Serial Number?

The serial number for your Student Version of Autodesk software can be found in several places:

During product download
From the download email
After downloading software

See How students and teachers can find serial numbers and product keys (Education Community).

Why do I have the same Serial Number for multiple products?

This Serial Number from your first download should be used for all subsequent product download requests.

All Serial Numbers issued from the Education Community will now begin with 900-.

Can I also use one Product Key for multiple products?

No, you cannot use the same Product Key for multiple products. Product Keys are specific to a product and version. You will get an activation error if you enter the wrong key.

For a list of all Product Keys, see:
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Why do I have two Serial Numbers for one product?

If you see two different Serial Numbers for one product, you might have downloaded the product both before and after the simplified process that went into effect August 28, 2012.  
Always use the new Serial Number beginning with 900-, which can be used to activate all of your Education Community products, regardless of when it was downoaded.
Note: You cannot use an old Serial Number to activate a product downloaded after August 28th, 2012.

Can I install the product on more than one computer?

With respect to software downloaded by students, faculty members, competitors or team mentors from the Education Community site, in addition to the terms and conditions, and restrictions set forth in the applicable License Agreement, the following restriction also applies: You shall not install more than one copy of any release version of any Software product obtained on this site on more than one system at a time. 
For example, a faculty member has a desktop computer at home and a laptop computer she uses at work. That faculty member cannot install a copy of AutoCAD 2014 on both the desktop and laptop systems simultaneously. She can, however, install AutoCAD 2013 on the desktop system and AutoCAD 2014 on the laptop system simultaneously.