Do I need to get a new license if I change my Windows operating system

Dec 4, 2014


You're upgrading your operating system on your computer or transferring your Autodesk software to a new computer. Here are the steps to help you export your software license and activate it on another computer.


If you want to upgrade your operating system or buy a new computer with a different operating system, your existing product licenses will remain valid for your new system. However, we recommend you export your existing license and reimport it after you reinstall your Autodesk software.

Here are the recommended steps for a successful operating system upgrade:
  1. Record your Serial Number and Product Key and Request Code just in case you need them for activation later.
  2. Export your existing product license using the Online License Transfer utility. See How to Transfer Stand-Alone Licenses Online and Online License Transfer FAQs.
  3. Install the new operating system (if you're not upgrading to a new computer).
  4. Reinstall your Autodesk software. See How to download or re-download software, How to prepare your system before installing Autodesk software and How to install Autodesk software on a single computer.
  5. Import your product activation information using the Online License Transfer Utility.

You should check the system requirements for your AutoCAD product and version to ensure compatibility.