Autodesk Subscription Use of Previous Version FAQ

Jan 31, 2014


Q. What is use of a “Previous Version”?

A. Subscription customers are entitled to use certain Previous Versions of Autodesk products concurrently with the most current release if they meet certain conditions.

Q. Which Previous Versions are eligible?

A. For most products, Subscription customers may use versions previous to the current release, subject to availability. Availability can be found on the on the Previous Version Eligible Product List. Contract Managers and Software coordinators can also refer to Subscription Center at After logging in, click on the Subscription Administration link on the left navigation.

Q. What if the product is not on the Previous Version Eligible Product List?

A. For products not on the Previous Version Eligible Product List, Subscription customers may still be allowed to use a Previous Version if the customer legally owns it and has available licenses.

Q. How many additional licenses am I granted with this Previous Version benefit?

A. Autodesk is not granting any additional licenses. Under this benefit, the Subscription customer may use any combination of the current version and eligible Previous Versions as listed on the Previous Version Eligible Product List up to the total number of licenses of the product currently under Subscription. For example: If the company has licenses for five seats of a current product, each of the five users can run their choice of version of the current and eligible Previous Versions in any combination up to five seats.

Q. Is there any difference in the Previous Version benefit based on deployment type (i.e., standalone or network)?

A. The Previous Version benefit applies to both standalone and network deployments although the process for accessing the Subscription benefit may differ with deployment type. For more information, Contract Managers and/or the Software Coordinators can refer to Subscription Center at After logging in, click on the Subscription Administration link on the left navigation.

Q. How do Subscription customers with network licenses access Previous Versions?

A. A current network license file will be generated for products under Subscription to provide access to the current version plus prior versions stated on the Previous Version Eligible Product List.

For more information and to generate a network license file visit

Q. Can customers with a standalone license access Previous Versions?

A. Subscription customers with a current standalone license have access to Previous Versions in accordance to the Previous Version Eligible Product List if they have a serial number for each version they wish to activate. Customers may request a serial number for activation with help from the step-by-step guide on the Subscription Center.

Q. Do Previous Version benefits apply to products that have been upgraded to a different product?

A. No. After a Subscription customer upgrades to a different product, Previous Version use benefits only apply to Previous Versions of the customer's new product. Subscription customers have access to Previous Versions that are in the Previous Version Eligible Product List.

Q. Does Previous Version benefit apply to Education and Commercial licenses?

A. All applicable products are defined in the Previous Version Eligible Product List.

Q. Does the Home Use benefit apply for Previous Versions?

A. Yes. Home Use is allowed for all products on the Eligible Product List for Home Use. To view Previous Versions allowed for home use refer to the Previous Version Eligible Product List.

Q. Can a Subscription Customer use their Previous Version on a different computer than the one their current release is installed on?

A. Please refer to the legal terms and conditions for product usage.

Q. Will Autodesk provide product support for Previous Version?

A. Autodesk provides product support for products on the Previous Version Eligible Product List.

Q. Can Subscription Customers access Previous Versions for their Suite products?

A. With the first shipment of a Suite, the component products of the Suite (if included on the Previous Version Eligible Product List) are available for Previous Version use. When the next version of the Suite ships the prior version of the Suite may become a Previous Version and be listed on the Previous Version Eligible Product List, with the earlier versions of component products of the Suite potentially remaining on the Previous Version Eligible Product List as Previous Versions for the Suite. Eventually, all Previous Versions for a Suite will be earlier releases of that Suite rather than earlier releases of component products of that Suite.

Q. How do network licenses for Suites differ from individual product network licenses?

A. Subscription customers will receive network licenses that provide access to applicable versions for all eligible suites and individual products. In an effort to offer prior version entitlement for Suites that did not exist in prior release years, these Suite licenses will provide access to individual component products that are included with the current Suite offering. This component level management exists for products included with a Suite that existed as an individual product in any or all three prior release years. Upon its fourth release year, all prior version entitlement will be managed at the Suite level. This implementation drives two deviations from individual product behavior over the first three releases of a Suite.

The difference is in how license seats are consumed. For release years that are managed at the suite level a single license will be pulled regardless of how many applications are run within the same release year that are included in the suite when run concurrently at the same workstation. Running applications across multiple release years will result in a license pull for each release year. For the prior versions managed at the component level, each component product will pull a license when run concurrently on the same workstation. You may run as many sessions of the same release year of a specific component product and only consume a single license.

For example, if you have Autodesk Design Suite Premium 2012 on subscription and a user starts AutoCAD 2012 and 3ds Max Design 2012 on the same workstation at the same time, only one license is consumed. If the user starts AutoCAD 2010 and 3ds Max Design 2010 on the same workstation at the same time, two licenses are consumed. If AutoCAD 2012, 2011 and 2010 are run together, three licenses are consumed.

Q. How are Previous Version entitlements of Suites and individual products different?

A. The difference is how prior version entitlements of suites and individual products interact. If you have a Subscription network license file on the same license server as a one or more component product license files you will have to have to obtain license files for all products on the same day in order to realize your full prior version entitlement. This only applies to prior version release years managed at the component level.

For example, if you have a 100 seat license for Autodesk Design Suite Premium 2012 on subscription and are also managing a 20 seat license of AutoCAD also under subscription and 5 seats of 3ds MAX 2010 which is not on subscription on the same license server. If the license file creation dates are first for the Suite, second for AutoCAD and last for 3ds MAX then up to 5 users could access 3dsMAX 2010, 20 users could access AutoCAD 2011, 2010 or 2009. Up to 120 users could access AutoCAD 2012 and 100 could access other xxx Suite programs. If all three license files are generated on the same day the following availability will apply. Up to120 users could run their choice of AutoCAD 2012, 2011, 2010 or 2009 and up to 105 users could run 3ds MAX 2010. Up to 100 seats of all other xxx Suite products could be run.

For more information about how to resolve if not all licenses for prior product versions are available after activating an Autodesk Suite refer to Not all Previous Version licenses are available after activating an Autodesk Design Suite.

Q. How do Subscription Customers request a Previous Version license?

A. Contract Managers and Software Coordinators of a Subscription contract can visit the Contract Administration section of the Subscription Center, which contains all Previous Version information and step by step instructions for activation.

Q. How long does Previous Version use last?

A. The Subscription customer may exercise the Previous Version use rights specified in the Subscription terms and conditions for a given Autodesk product so long as that product remains on Subscription. Please see question 19, below, for a discussion of what happens when a customer’s Subscription lapses.

Q. Will the Subscription Customer be able to get physical media for Previous Version license?

A. Yes. CD or DVD for eligible Previous Versions is available through the global media replacement site through subscription center from the download tab.

Q. What will happen to the Subscription Customers Previous Version use if they allow their Subscription to lapse?

A. The Previous Version use rights set forth in the Subscription Terms and Conditions cease when Subscription lapses. This means that the customer may no longer have multiple releases (i.e., Previous Versions and the current release) of a given product concurrently installed, and must immediately reduce the quantity of Autodesk software products installed to the quantity that the customer has licensed. Under the applicable Autodesk software license, this means that the customer may elect to uninstall all but the most current release, or alternately all but one of the Previous Versions. Thereafter, if the customer elects to install an newer release (called an "Upgrade") of the software product, the provisions of the applicable Autodesk software license agreement will apply and will require that the customer uninstall the earlier release within a stated period of time after their installation of the newer release. If the customer desires to resume using that prior release, their Subscription will need to be re-instated so that they can do so as a Previous Version under the Subscription terms and conditions. The customer will need to contact their Autodesk Authorized Reseller or Autodesk Sales Rep for next steps.

Q. What will happen to a customers packaged network license if they allow their Subscription membership to lapse?

A. The customer must uninstall the packaged file provided by Autodesk in connection with their Previous Version use Subscription benefit and re-install the perpetual license file which lacks Previous Version functionality and access. The retention and use of license files that include access to Previous Version after the end of the Subscription term would constitute breach of the conditions and restrictions contained in the Autodesk software license. To resume use of Previous Versions, the customer must re-instate their Subscription.

Q. Where can I find additional information about Previous Versions?

A. For more information regarding Previous Version use please login to Subscription Center at Subscription Center. After logging in, click on the Subscription Administration link on the left navigation.


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