Activation and Post-Installation Tasks for Autodesk products and suites

Nov 3, 2014


This is one of a series of videos explaining the process for installing your Autodesk products. In this series, you will find an overview of the process of activating Autodesk products and suites, as well as other post-installation tasks.



Activation and Registration

The first time you launch one of the Autodesk products after installation you will be prompted to activate the product. Once you've activated one suite product, you've activated all the other installed products from that suite.


Autodesk Material Libraries

The Autodesk Material Libraries are shared libraries that are installed with Autodesk products such as Inventor, AutoCAD, Revit, and 3DS Max, among others. There are changes in the Autodesk 2012 installers relating to how the medium image material library gets installed.


Installing the VBA Enabler

If you're using AutoCAD, or an AutoCAD-based vertical product, you may need to install the VBA enabler.


Uninstalling Autodesk Products

An overview of how to uninstall products and supporting utilities, order of uninstallation, and how to repair or reinstall an Autodesk product.


Post Installation Tasks for Autodesk Products